Nutri Gramam

The quality of life has suffered due to various economic, social and cultural causes and also lack of dietary diversification for example micronutrient deficiency is common and causes impaired physical and cognitive development. It is required to have access to a perennial supply of vegetables and nutrition.

  1. Kitchen Garden:-The main purpose of a kitchen garden is to provide the family with fresh vegetables rich in nutrients and energy on a daily basis. A well laid out kitchen garden helps to meet the entire requirements of fruits and vegetables for a family for the entire year. It is a low cost sustainable approach for reducing malnutrition, increasing awareness of vegetable production, increasing working hours and achieving food, nutrition and economic security. Based on the demand specific training for kitchen garden shall be promoted.

  1. Supply of green leafy vegetables and perennials: Nutrient dense plants, comprising of minimum one tree (perennial) and three green leafy vegetable (GLV) will be supplied to the households in selected villages.

Method – 1:

  • Supply of one (1) perennial fruit tree and three (3) leafy vegetables for each house hold in the village.

  • If enough land is available with the households, there would be supply of more than three varieties of other vegetables seeds and perennial fruit tree plants. In this case:

  • More than 5 to 6 varieties of perennial fruit trees/plants will be available in a village.

  • One variety of perennial fruit plant will be supplied to each of 15% to 20% of HHs in the village, accordingly, all the perennial fruits are accessible to the villagers throughout the year

  • They have choice to share their fruits to other households in the village or they can sell the produces to other households at the same village point. Beneficiaries having land more than Half Acre along with sufficient water facility, who are willing to raise the Homestead Garden/Kitchen Garden/Vegetable Garden for selling the growing vegetables at the village point will be selected.

  • The project will supply vegetable seeds which are selected by community, and also the project will supply the other necessary equipments to raise the Garden.

  • Promotion of e-Vehicle for selling vegetables in nearby sandies/villages

  • Training and capacity building of farmers for better pre and post-harvest practices for ensuring supply round the year.

  1. Half acre Model

Main aim of the project:

To promote dietary diversification in rural areas by improving the supply chain of vegetables to rural areas.

Expected outcome:

  • Develop a habit among the family members of SHG women to consume vegetables and promoting dietary diversification among the rural community.

  • Regularly four to five species of vegetables to be made available at village point throughout the year.

  • Enterprise Development.

Project Area:

29 villages which are located in tribal/backward areas in 6 districts of Telangana are selected.