Since establishment in 2000, SERP, with an objective of poverty alleviation, has mobilized more than 4 million women into multi layered community thrift and credit institutions, through collectivization of poor rural women. Over the years, apart from livelihood interventions, SERP has initiated Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Education and Gender interventions to improve HD indicators in rural SHG women, under Human Development component.

Human Development vertical is a significant component in SERP in achieving its poverty alleviation goal. In this endeavour, the unit focuses on enabling institutional platforms to build the capacities of SHG women for improving quality of life by availing government services in health, nutrition, sanitation, safe drinking water, hygiene, etc.,

Presently, under the HD component, there are 4 major interventions i.e., 1.SHG 2nd meetings (SBCC), 2.Nutri Garden, 3.Neighbour Hood Centres(NHCs) and 4.Social Development Fund (SDF).